USS Firedrake

Commanding Officers

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Last Name First Name MI RATE/RANK Years of Command
Elb A.   CDR 27 Dec 44 to Feb 44
Brown R. C. CDR Feb 44 to decommissioning (exact date unknown)
Rodiman W. S. CAPT Oct 51 to Aug 52
Hull H.   CAPT Aug 52 to May 53
Browne G. H. CAPT May 53 to Jul 54
Close R. H. CAPT Jul 54 to Jul 55
Bowman M. F, CAPT Jul 55 to Jul 56
Bull C. E. CAPT Jul 56 to Jul 57
Doss, Jr. C. T. CAPT Jul 57 to Aug 58
Mann H. D. CAPT Aug 58 to Sept 59
Vejtasa S. W. CAPT Sept 59 to Aug 60
Bundy C. W. CAPT Aug 60 to Aug 61
Parks J. E. CAPT Aug 61 to Jul 62
Costagliola F.   CAPT Jul 62 to Jul 63
McClendon W. R. CAPT Jul 63 to Jul 64
Netting R. W. CAPT Jul 64 to Jul 65
O'Connor H. N. CAPT Jul 65 to Aug 66
Mahoney G. R. CAPT Aug 66 to Aug 67
Lee C. J. CAPT Aug 67 to Oct 68
Bennett, Jr. A. K. CAPT Oct 68 to Jan 70
Henderson J. E. CAPT Jan 70 to Dec 70
Herbert L. E. CDR Dec 70 to decommissioning 1971


Below is info on initial commissioning of Firedrake
NAVPERS-134 (REV. 1-44)
16 – 20. At 1600, pursuant to Commandant SIXTH Naval District Confidential Letter of 24 May 1944, Serial Number 003211, this vessel, the former WINGED RACER was placed in full commission as the U.S.S. Firedrake (AE14), by Commander Charles H. ROSS, E-V (S), USNR, the Assistant Supervisor of Shipbuilding, USN, Jacksonville, Florida. At 1602, in accordance with BuPers Restricted Despatch of 4 September 1944, Commander A. ELB, D-M, USNR, assumed command and set the watch.